STAGE Productions


Filming stage productions; problematic to say the least. I've always worked with a single camera which requires multiple performances and requiring stage actors to do everything precisely the same multiple times is asking a lot! However, mostly it works out. I decided to shoot Hoodie almost like I would on a set and the results were pretty good, in my opinion. I like being able to see the reactions and emoting on the actor's faces upclose!


This is the video version of the Eastmont Junior High Drama Club's presentation of "Hoodie" by Lindsay Price, courtesy of Theatrefolk ( an outstanding source of Junior High and High school-focused plays and teaching resources.


What we learned:

8th and 9th graders are surprisingly astute.

Life is Grimm - 2015

Eastmont Junior High Drama Club's performance of "Life is Grimm" by JL Abplanalp (me!) This was a terrific cast of actors, many of which it was their first time onstage. They did a wonderful job bringing my play to life.


What we learned:

Fairy wings can disappear and reappear! Who knew?

Alice in Wonderland

Academy of Children's Theatre's (ACT) spring 2010 performance of Disney's Alice in Wonderland Jr. Colorado Springs, CO.


What we learned:

It would have been nice to have a complete run through to shoot!

Added bonus - play "Continuity Error" with this one, how many can you find?