I started out as an actor, both in film and theatre. I've written over 43 scripts for film and stage, one has been produced in Seoul SK, and is published with Eldridge Publishing (now I can honestly say I'm a published playwright!) I've designed and built costuming and sets for numerous theatre productions. I've taught acting for stage and film and filmmaking in CO, WA and AZ. 

In short, I've had a lot of fun over the years!


Life has introduced a new phase for me and I'm glad to be exploring and embracing the world of audio dramas. I still get to write and work with talented people. Our production company, Tartarus Jenny Studio, will be releasing its first production, "Harbor," in October of 2019, with others to follow in early 2020. And I'm very happy to say Til the Earth is being resuscitated and will find a home there as well!

Keep going forward; look ahead rather than behind, but cherish the path you've walked. It's made you who you are today.

Share your stories.

Jacque Reiman

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